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The Papillon, or Butterfly dog, is the modern version of the Continental Toy Spaniel made famous by paintings of French and Spanish nobility in the 16th century. This tiny, delicate lapdog was one of the first non working dogs to be bred, and its origins are shrouded in history. Some say that its ancestors arrived from Mexico after the Conquest, others claim that it was brought to Europe from China. By the 18th century the breed was almost identical to the modern day Papillon, but the final flourish, ears which stand erect and give the breed its name, appeared towards the end of the 19th century and immediately became very popular.

This is one of the smallest dogs bred today, and most stand between 8" to 11" to the shoulder blade, with a weight of 4 to 9 pounds. The legs are slender and fine boned, the muzzle is thin and tapered, and the head is slightly rounded. The ears are either erect like a butterfly's wings, or droop in the fashion of its predecessor, the original Phalene. The coat is silky, single length and generally reaches the hocks.  While Papillons and Phalenes can be just about any combination of colors, white is the preferred main color. The most common colors of  their faces, ears and torso patches are black, black with brown points, red and red with black edges (sable). The legs are feathered and the tail is plumed and held tightly over the rump, lending a  flowing and opulent appearance.

Papillons are the ultimate lapdogs, in physical characteristics and in temperament. Their coats, often called "wash and wear" need little care. They do not shed or become matted easily  and can be quickly brushed to a shine.  Paps as pets reflect their breeding as companions and lapdogs.  They are happy living in an apartment, small house or yacht as well as a palace.  On the other hand, today's Paps have the distinction of being one of the premier agility competitors and top obedience dogs as well as a favorite for the responsible positions of therapy and service certifications. 

This dainty breed is surely the breed for all seasons - a Renaissance dog that fits under your airplane seat or your restaurant chair.  Socialized easily, this is a toy breed that loves people and well-behaved children.  Paps live to between 16 and 18 years old, loyal and loving to the end.

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